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Notices on the use of Regumate, Corticosteroids, and Bronchodilators.

Notice on the use of Regumate, Corticosteroids, and Bronchodilators

Regumate Equine 2.2 mg/ml Oral Solution for Horses
As of the breeding stock sales of 2020 the TBA wishes to remind members that the anabolic steroids trendione, trenbolone and epitrenbolone (which are present in in Altrenogest) are “prohibited at all times substances” under the BHA rules of racing.   Please read the attached note.  Key information for TBA members is highlighted within the advice note and reproduced below:

Due to the presence of trendione having been detected in Regumate® Equine, Regumate® Porcine and the Bova product, the BHA advise that the possession, use or attempted use, and administration or attempted administration of these products could amount to breaches of the Rules of Racing (including that presence of trenbolone/trendione in a sample may result in a 14 month suspension from racing and a 12 month mandatory stand down from racing for the horse in addition to other penalties for the Responsible Person).

As such, we would advise trainers and other industry participants to remove altrenogest containing products (including Regumate® Equine and/or Regumate® Porcine and the Bova product) from all licensed premises, and not to administer any product containing altrenogest to a Thoroughbred from birth until permanent retirement from racing (this includes yearlings/other horses prior to entering training).

Note: Administration of Altrenogest to Pregnant mares. The BHA have no jurisdiction over Thoroughbred broodmares, provided they have been permanently retired from racing.  Treatment of pregnant mares with altrenogest is common. Where any altrenogest-containing product is being administered to pregnant mares as a therapeutic treatment under the prescription of a veterinary surgeon, we would advise that this treatment can continue, in the interests of the welfare of the mare and unborn foal*.

*Altrenogest has been documented to be detectable in the plasma of foals at birth which are born to mares that have been treated with altrenogest from 280 days of gestation until foaling.  The BHA are undertaking further work to study the administration of altrenogest to pregnant mares, and determine whether trenbolone and/or trendione are detectable in foals at birth.

Therefore, we must continue to endorse the BHA’s recommendations and recommend to TBA members that they should:

  • Restrict the use of Regumate Equine to broodmares that have been permanently retired from racing.
  • Be careful not to treat fillies out of training that are intended to or may return to racing and those that may be sold or change location and may unpredictably return to racing.
  • Not to use Regumate Equine in foals, yearlings or horses in or waiting to enter pre-training, of either sex, for whatever reason, including sales preparation.
  • Maintain secure storage of Regumate Equine supplies on studfarms to prevent its accidental use.
  • Restrict access to and administration of Regumate Equine to specifically selected and trained staff.
  • Keep detailed and secure records of all mares that are treated with Regumate Equine for justifiable veterinary reasons and evidence to confirm that they were believed to be permanently retired from racing, at the time of treatment.

TBA Veterinary Advisors:              James Crowhurst MRCVS& Professor Sidney Ricketts

Goffs and Tattersalls policies for Corticosteroids and Bronchodilators (Since August 2020):
Tattersalls and Goffs have introduced restrictions relating to the use of corticosteroids and bronchodilators, including Clenbuterol, for all yearlings, and horses in and out of training including Breeze Up two year olds, sold at sales conducted by the two sales houses. The restrictions have been in effect since 2020. 

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