Equine Disease Surveillance

Maintaining the Thoroughbred population’s health is a top priority and close compliance with the HBLB International Codes of Practice is well established across the British breeding industry.  Encouraging the monitoring and recording of equine health across Great Britain ensures the best possible environment in which to prevent and control infectious disease spread amongst the equine population.  The TBA worked closely with the Animal Health Trust until it’s closure and continues to provide £50,000 in funding each year towards the Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance services.

The thoroughbred industry, led by the BHA, was integral in ensuring that the critical epidemiological services, previously provided by the AHT, were reallocated to alternative teams and laboratories and an agreement was reached by the HBLB in August 2021 for Rossdales to provide the diagnostic microbiology testing, whilst the disease surveillance and monitoring unit would be based at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School, with Dr Richard Newton at the helm.  The International Collating Centre (ICC) continues to provide equine disease notifications which can be viewed on the link below. 

Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance

Visit the International Collating Centre's website for the latest reports from across the globe.

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