TBA Representatives

The team of TBA Representatives are there to help members with any questions and queries they might have about membership, the TBA or breeding - please contact Stanstead House in the first instance, and the team will direct you to a Representative who they believe will be able to assist you best with your enquiry. 

South East

  • Tina Dawson
  • Joan Langmead
  • Marietta Fox-Pitt
  • Stuart McPhee

Scotland & North

  • Philip Bamford
  • Andrew Spalding
  • Sandra Mayoh
  • Robert Robinson
  • Fiona Evans

South West

  • Tessa Greatrex
  • Nick Pocock
  • Karina Casini
  • Julia Thomas

Wales & West Midlands

  • Hazel West
  • Stuart Matheson
  • Camilla Trotter
  • Tim Davies