Post-mortem Subsidy

The TBA recognises the vital importance of screening for the presence of EHV-1 at recognised laboratories. While EHV is not notifiable by law, the TBA encourages breeders to notify Stanstead House of all cases of an equine abortion or neonatal foal death that have taken place where EHV infection is suspected. This is in order to monitor any disease outbreaks, to act to prevent further spread of the disease by facilitating communication between relevant bodies and to provide any necessary information, advice and guidance to TBA members only.

To report an abortion please have the following information to hand and complete the form at the bottom of this page:

Name of mare owner
Name of mare
TBA membership number
Date of abortion
Date due to foal
Name of stallion mare was in foal to
Address of premises where the abortion/neonatal foal death occurred
Bank details or name cheque to be made out to
Was the mare vaccinated against EHV-1
Number of in-contact mares

A £200 subsidy towards the cost of a post mortem is available to members who meet the following conditions:

  1. In the case of an equine abortion or neonatal foal death (occurring within 14 days of birth) where EHV is the suspected cause of death, screening for EHV must be carried out at an approved laboratory.
  2. The stud/mare owner must notify the TBA of an abortion/neonatal foal death undergoing investigation for possible EHV infection within 3 days of its occurrence, and must complete the TBA abortion/neonatal foal death report form. 
  3. The stud/mare owner must subsequently notify the TBA of the result of the investigation within 3 days of receiving it, and confirm whether EHV infection has or has not been implicated in the abortion/death.
  4. A copy of the laboratory post mortem report must be submitted to the TBA within 14 days of the report date.  This must contain name of the owner of the mare, name of the mare, date samples were taken and received, the positive or negative result of the EHV screening and the charges incurred.
  5. The foetus/dead foal must be from a Thoroughbred mare residing in the United Kingdom and which is owned by a TBA member.
  6. Receipt of the £200 subsidy is conditional on the understanding that the TBA will circulate any positive EHV results to its disease notification group.

Please note that if any of the above criteria is not adhered to, the TBA reserve the right to withhold the £200 subsidy.

The TBA limits payment of the subsidy to a maximum of two reported abortions per TBA member in any calendar year.


Post-mortem Subsidy Application Form