Breeders' Badges

TBA members are entitled to FREE Racecourse entry to watch horses they have bred but may no longer own, run at over 1,000 fixtures at racecourses in Great Britain. Members must apply for the scheme to be eligible. Signing up to the scheme also gives you the opportunity to receive automatic text/email alerts, allowing you to keep a track of any any horse you may have bred and where they are entered or declared to run.

Once approved, successful applications will run for the duration of TBA membership and will only require updating when a member registers or joins a new breeding entity/partnership.

The TBA recommends that badges are pre-booked using the PASS system no later than 3.00pm the day before racing. The RCA has recently developed a new system and you can now apply to have your PASS card on your mobile phone. A simple step-by-step guide is attached above.

If you have an old-style plastic swipe card you can still use these, however we always recommend you take additional identification.

If you have any questions email [email protected] or call 01638 661321