About us

The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association was established in 1917 and there have been many changes in the Thoroughbred breeding industry since that time, but the TBA remains committed to the long term future of the British Thoroughbred and the interests of the British breeder.

The Association strives to safeguard the health and welfare of the Thoroughbred for the overall improvement of the breed.  As a charity this includes delivering training and education opportunities to ensure best practice on stud farms, veterinary research to maintain highest health standards, and the encouragement of diversity within the breed for a stronger, more resilient Thoroughbred.

Membership of the TBA provides breeders – small and large – with support and guidance for their Thoroughbred breeding operations. The Association gives members access to events, seminars, legal advice and tax hotlines, employer support, health and safety guidance, buying group discounts, and race badge offers.

More broadly, the TBA represents the interests of all Thoroughbred breeders both within the industry and with Government.


Vision Statement

To improve the sustainability, resilience and impact of the British breeding industry by safeguarding the legacy of world class British breeding for racing and future generations to come.




We are open and accountable and work together as a team, in collaboration with
our members and stakeholders



We deliver excellence in our promotion and support of
breeders and the British Thoroughbred industry



We are active as custodians of the British Thoroughbred, and committed to protecting and championing their cause


Protect the diversity and promote the development of the breed

Deliver with industry support a strategic plan for a robust and sustainable British breeding industry based on the insight provided by the 2018 Economic Impact Study.

Oversee the launch, strategy and management of a new British bred Premium Scheme.

Encourage cross industry investment, promotion and further development of the Flat Fillies and Mares and Stayers Programme and other initiatives to support continued diversity of the breed.

Continue to improve and build the Jump Mares-only racing programme.

Provide strategic direction to GBRI in promoting British breeding domestically and overseas, ensuring that success stories and quality are highlighted, and improving collaboration and effectiveness through cross promotion of relevant events, activity and industry schemes.

Shape national and international policy for the thoroughbred breeding industry

Work with our partners from across the industry and equine sector to nurture strong relationships with Government and the EU to deliver solutions to the challenges to the breeding industry presented by the UK’s exit from Europe.

Enhance engagement with the Industry Ownership Strategy and support new breeding ownership models and initiatives.

Work collaboratively with the industry, HBLB and Racing Foundation to create a sustainable financial strategy for the British breeding and racing industry.

Develop the TBA’s strategic approach and policy on equine health and welfare that supports the overall strategy for the sport and provides breeding industry led solutions to forthcoming changes in regulation and legislation.

Monitor and respond to relevant Government calls for evidence and consultations and ensure that the TBA is actively representing and safeguarding the interests of breeders and the Horsemen.

Support the wider equine sector through active engagement on the Board of the British Horse Council.

Support breeders in their care of horses and employees

Monitor equine health and welfare issues with impact on the thoroughbred breeding industry. Collaborate with industry stakeholders as appropriate and provide tailored advice and guidance to breeders through the digital hub and other communication channels.

Encourage the communication of best practice in stud management and equine welfare to breeding industry participants. Facilitate continuous professional development of breeders and employees through the proposed digital hub, seminars, courses, articles, social media, special meetings and individual consultation.

Develop the equine and people data strategy for the breeding industry to ensure it supports the future requirements of the industry. Create new data via the digital hub to support industry strategy on recruitment, retention and training. Work with individual industry stakeholders on separate elements e.g. with Weatherbys on new Identification and Passport technology.

Review the current provision of business support and advice for breeding operations including the buying group, legal advice helpline, insurance policies, health and safety advice and training, and employer guides and fact sheets including specific advice and guidance for those new to breeding.

Work in collaboration with other industry bodies that support and recognise breeding industry people.

Deliver a membership growth strategy that targets active breeders and increases opportunities for engagement and feedback from all breeders across the country.

Advance the development of employees within the British breeding industry

Work with the National Stud on the delivery of partnership activities including the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry Training and Qualification Pathway (TBITQP), regional training and other industry courses.

Work with the BHA and other industry stakeholders to establish and implement the Industry People Strategy which has been developed with the aim of adequately funding and delivering recruitment, training and retention objectives and working towards supporting an assured industry workforce for the future.

Work with industry stakeholders to develop regional learning and development opportunities and to deliver learning and communications by digital technologies to improve reach.

Work with the BHA and other industry stakeholders on government policy towards employment of overseas workers into the breeding sector.

Explore the sustainability of TBA educational activity including the funding of the TBITQP.

Organise a Thoroughbred Club careers event and utilise digital communications and learning technologies to engage the membership.

Secure the health of and support veterinary research into Thoroughbred breeding

Stimulate and encourage veterinary research for the benefit of thoroughbred breeding stock. Advise the TBA Board on the merits of research projects, and guide the TBA to select appropriate projects to be funded by the TBA. Liaise with those delivering TBA funded research and monitor progress.

Keep abreast of infectious disease surveillance and control activity conducted by the AHT and disseminate information to breeders.

Work with the HBLB and their committees to produce the Codes of Practice and ensure breeders have access to print and/or online versions, or the EquiBioSafe App.