Elite NH Mares' Scheme

How does it work?

The Elite NH Mares’ Scheme rewards the owners of those mares proven on the racecourse or at stud, by providing subsidised, and in some cases free, nominations to eligible British based stallions.

The aim of the scheme is to underline to mare owners the quality of stallions available in this country, and to give a valuable incentive to TBA members who own such mares to cover them with the best from the ranks of young or proven stallions in Britain.

Full TBA members who own mares rated above 130, are eligible for a free or proportionately subsidised nomination to a British-based stallion which meets the criteria and has been registered for the scheme.

What grants are available?

Owners of Elite Mares will receive a grant entitling the mare to a discount on the advertised nomination fee to any of the eligible stallions in the scheme.

2024 Awards

  • Category 1: £4,000
  •  Category 2: £3,000
  •  Category 3: £2,000

The grants are only valid for the 2024 breeding season and the grants are paid direct to the stallion owner on receipt of a valid 1 October pregnancy certificate to the TBA office.

Terms and Conditions

Is my mare eligible for the scheme?

Eligible mares are divided into the following categories:

Category 1a
Mares that have achieved a peak Official Rating of 150 or more
Category 2a
Mares that have achieved a peak Official Rating of between 140 and 149
Category 3a
Mares that have achieved a peak Official Rating of between 130 and 139
Category 1b
Mares who have produced a NH horse officially rated 155 (mare) or 165 (gelding) or more, in GB, Ireland or France
Category 2b
Mares who have produced a NH horse officially rated 145-154 (mare) or 155-164 (gelding)in GB, Ireland or France
Category 3b
Mares who have produced a NH horse officially rated 135-144 (mare) or 145-154 (gelding) in GB, Ireland or France

Winners of black-type races over obstacles will be treated as having the following minimum rating, regardless of Official Rating:

  • Winners of two or more Grade 1 WFA races: 155 Mares, 165 Geldings
  • Grade 1 winners or winner of three Grade 2 WFA races: 150 Mares, 160 Geldings
  • Winners of two Grade 2 WFA races: 145 Mares, 155 Geldings
  • Grade 3 or Listed WFA Winners: 135 Mares, 145 Geldings
  • Winner of Graded/Listed Handicaps: 130 Mares, 140 Geldings

N.B. 2x Grade 3 or Listed wins are treated as equivalent to a Grade 2 win. When the above measures are applied, horses relying on winning races that are confined to three-year-olds or four-year-olds will be treated as having achieved ratings 5lbs below those stated above.

The peak Official Ratings used are identifiable from the BHA and HRI websites, or recorded on the Racing Post database.  

A mare that qualifies for the Scheme by satisfying multiple criteria (either as a race mare and producer, or as producer of more than one qualifying horse) will be regarded as having achieved an Official Rating increased by 10lb for every additional qualification.

Any mares aged over 20 (born in or before 2003), must have produced a runner with an Official Rating of 135+ (mare) or 145+ (gelding) to be considered for the scheme.

Mares who have run in France, other than those who qualify through winning black-type races, shall be assessed for the scheme based on their French rating doubled, as is the way the BHA handicapper assesses.

2024 EMS List 16-01-24.pdf


What stallions are included in the scheme?


Eligible stallions for 2024:

  •  Arrigo
  • Bangkok
  • Cannock Chase
  • Capri
  • Dartmouth
  • Dink
  • Falco
  • Frontiersman
  • Gentlewave*
  • Ito
  • Jack Hobbs*
  • Kingston Hill 
  • Linda’s Lad 
  • Logician
  • Marmelo
  • Ocovango*
  • Passing Glance
  • Pether’s Moon
  • Planteur
  • Postponed
  • Saddler’s Rock  
  • Schiaparelli
  • Subjectivist
  • Telescope
  • Yorgunnabelucky

*Available for Cat1 and Cat2 only