12 Jan 2024

Advice & Info


  • Industry first with launch of Carbon Calculator to measure emissions on stud farms in fight against climate change.
  • Digital software designed and developed with stud farms specifically in mind, to help baselining the carbon footprint and modelling scenarios for reducing their future negative impact on the environment.
  • Aligned to recommendations within the report produced on Environmental Sustainability in British Horseracing produced by White Griffin.
  • The tool is available to TBA Members only initially with a later release of the product to include anonymised benchmarking functionality, to compare the emissions of stud farms of a similar size and business emphasis.

The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, with support from the Racing Foundation, has today launched a digital Stud Farm Carbon Calculator which is believed to be the first carbon emissions calculator developed specifically for use with horses.

The digital tool will support breeders with baselining the carbon footprint of their stud farm and modelling scenarios for reducing their future negative impact on the environment, as well as enabling breeders to examine their use of resources across the breeding operation, with targeted changes to land management practices and energy usage likely to cut carbon emissions and save money. 

Available initially to TBA Members only, this sophisticated tool has been developed in partnership with ADAS who have ensured that the calculations are based on robust and established frameworks (Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol PAS 2050 methodology and IPCC guidelines for evaluating scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions), which will give breeders confidence in the data and enable them to anonymously compare their carbon emissions with studs of a similar size and business emphasis.

The digital tool calculates emissions originating from the horses; other agricultural animals on site used for cross species grazing; land management practices and fertiliser applications; fuel and energy usage including horse transportation; as well as hard feed, forage and bedding materials.

Simon Cox, TBA Trustee who has led on the development of the TBA Stud Farm Carbon Calculator and who is Chair of the Environmental Sustainability committee who has driven the project said: “We are delighted to launch the industry’s first Carbon Calculator and support our members with stud farms, reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately save energy. There is no doubt that climate change and sustainability are already vitally important issues, and this is only going to increase.

“We are very grateful to the Racing Foundation for their support of the Carbon Calculator’s development, and we hope that we can also extend usage of the tool further afield in the future and support other equestrian businesses.”

Sarah Wynn, Managing Director for ADAS Climate and Sustainability, who has previously worked with the TBA on environmental impact assessments and in shaping guidance for breeders, developed the software and commented: “We have had brilliant support from the industry and particularly those with stud farms. With their insight, we have been able to really drill down into the component parts of operating a stud farm and the associated carbon emissions.

“We have aimed to make the inputting of data as straightforward as possible and easy to read and we look forward to engaging with stud farms and starting to analyse the data.” 

Frank Evans who runs Gallus Stud and has been part of the development team added: “I have always been passionate about finding alternative ways of mitigating our carbon emissions and have been impressed with the software developed by ADAS for specific use by stud farms. Managing emissions can save money, prompt efficiencies and help towards a sustainable future.”

With the valued support of the Racing Foundation, the TBA has been well-placed to continue raising awareness of the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment, as an integral component of stud management policy, which should harmonise with the primary consideration of breeders, in producing and raising healthy equine athletes for the racecourse.

Tansy Challis, CEO of the Racing Foundation said: “The development of the Stud Farm Carbon Calculator is an exciting development in British racing's sustainability journey, and we commend the TBA in leading the way with this pioneering initiative. The aim of the Racing Foundation is to support and improve the industry, with environmental sustainability being one of our four key areas of focus in this endeavour. In time, the Stud Farm Carbon Calculator could serve not only as a tool for the thoroughbred breeding industry, but as a blueprint to support the wider industry and potentially even beyond which is a compelling prospect."

The first release of the Stud Farm Carbon Calculator will be available initially to TBA Members only as part of their membership with a later release of the product, including an overground carbon sequestration module.

You can find out more about the Stud Farm Carbon Calculator and how it works by listening to the TBA podcast which can be found here.