Training & Education

To ensure optimum health and welfare of breeding stock, and to support the professional development of breeders and employees, the TBA provides education for members in the form of seminars, courses and documents on all subjects relating to the breeding and rearing of Thoroughbreds. For more information on the services the TBA provides click here

Industry Training Providers

The TBA recommends selected training providers that offer appropriate industry training and are approved by BHEST, the industry Awarding Body. In line with the government’s requirements, BHEST develops and awards nationally recognized qualifications that provide the practical grounding for people to build careers and businesses in British horseracing, from equine care and transport to thoroughbred breeding and farriery.

The main training provider for the breeding industry is the National Stud.

Further information on the qualifications offered by each provider listed here.

Industry Courses

There are a number of recommended industry courses we would advise you looking into if you are hoping to get a job or improve your career in breeding or racing.

Please click here for more information on the courses available