National Hunt Mare Owners’ Prize Scheme (NH MOPS)

NH MOPS Registration Form
NH MOPS Races (Q1) 2018
NHMOPS Races (Q2) 2018

Objectives of the Scheme

  • Improve demand at Sales for British-bred or sired fillies aimed at NH racing, thereby generating a greatly-improved economic climate for their breeders so as to ensure the survival of British NH breeding.
  • Maintain the NH racing programme in the face of significant declines in crop sizes by encouraging much greater use of mares, which presently represent an under-used resource.
  • Supplement the efforts made by the BHA to create a coherent racing programme for NH mares by awarding significantly greater prizes for successful females winning appropriate races.
  • Overcome the traditional antipathy of many trainers to racing mares and encourage them to race them more often.
  • Ensure that more mares are tested as NH racehorses, thus underpinning selection for breeding on the basis of racing ability.

Details of the Scheme
NH MOPS is confined to filly foals that were either bred in Great Britain or produced by British-domiciled stallions and that have been nominated as potential NH racehorses by their breeders (or owners in the case of foals that have already been sold). The filly foals born in 2012 were the first crop to be eligible for NH MOPS scheme (subject to successful registration). The requirements for nomination are detailed below. Income from registrations will be used to publicise and administer the scheme.

NH MOPS prizes are allocated with funds split between owner, trainer, jockey and stable staff. Since the majority of funding for the scheme is derived from the general prize money allocation of the HBLB, no prizes go to breeders. However, breeders are expected to benefit significantly from the higher prices realised by fillies eligible to NH MOPS and from MOPS prizes if they race their own stock. The awards are:

£10,000 for wins in Class 1-2 Open races, Class 1-4 Novice Chases & Hurdles (but not including Juvenile, Maiden and Beginners events), and
£5,000 for wins in NH Flat races.

In order to support the mares-only racing programme and to aid promotion of the scheme and monitoring of its effects on field sizes, the scheme is confined to mares-only races.

Prizes will be reduced by 50% for fields of less than 8 runners, and for an individual horse will be confined to a maximum of £50,000 for results in Class 2-6 races plus a further £50,000 for results in Class 1 races.

The scheme commenced on 1st January 2016.

The introduction of NH MOPS involves a significant commitment from the HBLB to British NH breeding. The TBA and its NH Committee have been campaigning for the initiative for several years and very much hope that British NH breeders continue to support the scheme and take action to nominate their eligible fillies.

It is anticipated that providing powerful incentives for British-bred mares aimed at NH racing will have an immediate impact on both the viability of British NH breeding and the competitiveness of the NH racing programme:

  • It will encourage more owners and trainers to buy and race mares, helping offset the recent declines in NH foal crops by utilising a neglected part of the thoroughbred population.
  • By offering owners the prospect of quick rewards from wins in eligible races it will increase demand for British-produced mares. This will improve financial returns for British breeders of NH horses and for stallion owners, underpinning future production of foals for NH racing.
  • By encouraging the racing of increased numbers of mares it will allow more to be tested as breeding prospects, thus allowing greater selection of breeding stock on the basis of racing ability and thereby improving the NH breed in the future.
  • Many of the owners of successful mares are likely to retain them and become breeders themselves, thus ensuring a flow of new entrants into the industry.

The TBA believes that the introduction of NH MOPS is a major step in safeguarding the future of the British NH breeding industry and the quality and competitiveness of the NH racing programme. The Association would like to express its appreciation to the British Horseracing Authority and the Horsemen’s Group (including the Racehorse Owners’ Association, the National Trainers Federation, the Professional Jockeys Association and the National Association of Stable Staff) for supporting the initiative; and is particularly grateful for the decision of the HBLB to support the scheme.

Action Required by Breeders and Owners
In normal circumstances filly foals will be nominated to NH MOPS by their breeders. However, owners or trainers can also nominate horses in their care to the scheme providing it is within the relevant registration period for that animal’s year of birth.

Late registrations are currently open for horses born in 2016 until 31st December 2017. Late registrations incur a surcharge – please see application form at the top of this page for details.

Registrations are currently being accepted for horses born in 2017. The registration period for these horses will close on 31st January 2018.

The TBA is currently responsible for managing the scheme. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the TBA office at Stanstead House, 8 The Avenue, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 9AA or download a print friendly version at the top of this page.

Completed forms along with the appropriate payment made payable to ‘The TBA’ should be returned the above address.