TBA Regional Representatives

The TBA ensures that there are at least two members of the TBA in your region. They help to organise events and are there for you, on the ground, if you have any questions or queries. Please contact Stanstead House for their details.

Current TBA Regions and their Representatives:



A H Mactaggart Esq
Robert Robinson Esq
Nick Alexander Esq


A C M Spalding Esq (Chair)
Philip Bamford Esq

Wales & West Midlands

Mrs George West (Chair)
David Hodge Esq
Mrs Mary Rimell

The East

Andrew Mead Esq (Chair)
Major & Mrs R G Wilson
D R Botterill Esq
Derek Christopher Esq
Mrs Fiona Denniff

The West

Mrs C F van Straubenzee (Chair)
Mrs H J Houghton
J S B Anderson Esq

South West

Miss Anthea Gibson Fleming (Chair)
James Read
Caroline George
Richard Knight Esq

South East

John Needham Esq (Chair)
David Bowe Esq
Mrs D J Veasey
Mrs J M Langmead
Mrs Antonia Jamison