Representation and Industry Support

The TBA is the only British association to represent breeders’ interests both within Great Britain and the European Commission. With our strong links to Government Departments the TBA actively lobbies to support breeders interests across the industry.

The TBA has representation at the highest level within the racing Industry, as a stakeholder of the British Horseracing Authority and member of the Horsemen’s Group as well as providing vital support for veterinary research, education and training and bloodstock promotion.

The TBA is currently working towards the issue of Brexit, by forming a number of internal working groups, as well as working closely with our French and Irish counterparts and EFTBA (European Federation of Thoroughbred Breeders’ Associations) in political negations and forging solutions regarding issue such as the free movement of horses and people to ensure the best outcome for the industry.

A few examples of crucial and successful political lobbying campaigns the TBA were involved in include:

  • Eligibility for Single Farm Payments and maintaining the Stud Farms’ rating allowance for breeders
  • Lifting the trade restrictions with India
  • Lobbying DEFRA ministers to ensure eligibility for CAP for stud farms under the recent reforms is retained
  • Preventing withdrawal of the requirements for notifiable diseases CEM and EVA and safeguarding £30million of annual export trade
  • Supporting the introduction of Tripartite Agreement, allowing the free movement of Thoroughbreds between the UK, Ireland and France to be maintained
  • Supported the international efforts to convince the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to reverse a decision on the minimum time permitted for the transport of pregnant mares
  • Co-funding Chinese Government Officials visit leading to the compiling and signing of the protocol for the live export of horses from the UK to China


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