Careers in the Thoroughbred breeding industry

The Thoroughbred breeding industry offers a diverse range of career opportunities .Please click the links below to explore your options.

Stud Secretary
A Stud Secretary is responsible for the maintenance of stud records and to carry out administrative duties on behalf of the Stud and the Stud Manager. These include booking mares in for covering, completion of covering certificates and nomination invoicing.

Stud Hand
A role of a Stud Hand is varied and can include the daily care and maintenance of mares, foals and yearlings and assisting the vet and farrier. There may also be opportunities to help with foalings and attend the sales.

Assistant Stud Groom
The Assistant Stud Groom’s role is to assist the Stud Groom and Stud Manager.  Their responsibilities can include supervising staff, liaising with the vet and farrier, teasing and covering, attending to mares and foals during and after foaling and maintaining the stud records.

Assistant Stud Manager
The role of an Assistant Stud Manager can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the stud.  Generally, they will be responsible for assisting the Stud Manager in overseeing all the stud operations.

Yearling Manager
A Yearling Manager is responsible for overseeing the care and preparation of horses for the yearling sales, which includes managing their nutrition, exercise and grooming to ensure that they are physically and mentally prepared for the sales

Foaling Manager
A Foaling Managers role is to oversee the care of mares both before and after foaling, which includes checking mares for signs of foaling, foaling mares and care of mares and new-born foals