Breeders Prize Scheme Withdrawal

December 4, 2016 |

Towards the end of each year TBA initiatives funded by the HBLB for NH breeding are reviewed. In consideration of the changing environment for scheme funding and evaluating the relative successes of NH initiatives, it has been decided that BPS/BVS will be withdrawn from 00:00hrs 1st January 2017 (GMT).

BPS/BVS was introduced over 20 years ago to reward breeders of successful NH horses and encourage the re-investment of funds into their breeding programmes. However the reduction in the funds available for the HBLB Breeders’ Prize Scheme which was worth £3 million (Flat & HN) just ten years ago, and now £430k (NH) in 2016, has led to lack of stimulus to re-invest funds for breeding. The scheme, in its current format, is sadly no longer an incentive to breed NH horses.

In light of the uncertainty around the future funding of racing, it was decided that breeding initiatives be should be streamlined to focus on those that are considered to yield the best results for the industry namely the NH Elite Mares Scheme and NH Mare Owners’ Prize Scheme.

In order to continue to support TBA members with their NH breeding activities, it has been decided that all eligible fillies born between 2014 and 2016 can be registered to the NHMOPS scheme free of charge whilst ROA members will still receive the discounted rate of £50 per horse. Applications must be submitted by 31st December 2016 – horses will not automatically be enrolled. Contact the TBA office for an application or visit the NHMOPS page for a print friendly form.

The TBA is putting every effort behind the NH Mare Owners’ Prize Scheme and the Elite Mares Scheme to ensure their long-term future for the development of a sustainable domestic NH breeding and racing industry.

NH MOPS will encourage more owners and trainer to buy and race mares, improving demand and sales prices of these horses at auction. The Elite Mares Scheme complements NHMOPS by encouraging the owners of highly regarded mares to retain them for breeding and to use British based stallions, through its heavily discounted nomination vouchers.

Early indicators for the NHMOPS are encouraging and we look forward to the development of the scheme as more eligible horses come of racing age. The Elite Mares Scheme has also produced some excellent results from its first crops of racing age, including Chocca Wocca.